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Crown Oil Environmental Ready to Extend Services to Ireland

Crown Oil Environmental are set to begin rolling out the provision of their cutting-edge fuel care services to data centres across Ireland, marking the expansion with an appearance at DataCentres Ireland 2017.

The leading fuel experts offer planned preventative maintenance services to businesses hoping to bolster the reliability of their diesel generators by improving and preserving the condition of their fuel, storage tanks and all related infrastructure.

General Manager Chris Beatty had this to say on the development:

‘At Crown Oil Environmental, it’s always been our aim to lead every fuel-dependent company in the UK towards an environmentally and operationally secure future.

The expansion of our services into Ireland represents a huge leap closer to fulfilling our goal, and we couldn’t be more pleased at the opportunity to give more data centres the extra security they need when it comes to fuel supply, polishing, testing and bespoke tank installations.

I’ll be there personally at the exhibition to explain to Irish data centre operators exactly why our services are already trusted by over 50 data centres nationwide.’

Crown Oil Environmental emerged in 2012 as a sidearm of long-established independent fuel distributor Crown Oil, who recognised a need to provide their customers with supplementary aftercare for their fuel purchases.

Year after year, these environmental services proved increasingly more popular, until eventually it became necessary for the offshoot to branch off as an independent entity, marked by the launch of a dedicated website in 2014.

It’s little wonder the company has grown so rapidly – since 2011, biodegradable components in diesel fuels have increased steadily, making fuel supplies more susceptible to contamination and algae growth than ever before.

This has driven more and more prudent business owners to seek professional support from companies like Crown Oil Environmental, who are able to implement the preventative maintenance necessary to protect their operations from disruptive environmental threats.

If you think your data centre might benefit from the services Crown Oil Environmental have to offer, join the team at DataCentres Ireland 2017, where they’ll be available to discuss your needs in detail.
For more information on the services Crown Oil Environmental have to offer, visit their website here.