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Orange County

Distributing products for several world leading manufacturing companies, we are able to provide engineering know-how, application knowledge and comprehensive backup and support of all equipment or systems supplied.

  • Monitored Cooling Water Pipework, run in continuous lengths (with no intermediate joints) from distribution manifolds, underneath data room floors and through to data hall CRAC units. All pipework is double wall with vacuum leak monitoring operating 24/7/365.

Orange County have recently completed the installation and commissioning of leak monitored pipe systems for CRAC unit cooling water on the newest expansion phase of Europe’s Largest Data Centre.  The site-wide installation of CRAC cooling water pipework by Orange County, was specified as ‘secondary contained’, and due to complex data hall pipe routing was achieved with BRUGG pipe systems.  BRUGG pipe is manufactured in continuous flexible stainless steel length without the need of intermediate joints (potential weak points) and is an excellent time and cost saving alternative to traditional welded pipe in pipe solutions.  The secondary contained pipes are vacuum monitored (the gap in-between the two pipes) 24/7/365, with multiple leak detection units giving the end client peace of mind for a safe and reliable installation.

  • Turnkey Fuel Systems for Backup and Emergency Generators, including monitored double wall safety pipework, bunded tanks, duplex pumping systems, controls and total system leak monitoring.

2017 has also seen Orange County’s completion of multiple backup and emergency generator automatic fuelling systems in the UK’s most prestigious and secure data centres.  Fuelling systems utilise double wall or secondary contained pipework and systems that are end-to-end monitored for leakage and safe continuous operation.