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When will it happen to you? ICTCOMPANY.IE

When will it happen to you? When will your companies most sensitive and confidential information about your business, your employees, and customers innocently fall into the wrong hands due to improper handling of data elimination from your IT hardware.

Before it happens let ICT Company set their wheels in motion to prevent data leaks from idle, obsolete, and ex-lease equipment. Using our mobile shredding vehicles and delivering peace of mind right to your door step our on-site mobile technicians will ensure elimination of all your sensitive data in the most secure and documented manner this kind of protection is so important when as much as 30% of all data leakages can occur because many businesses can lack a secure plan for handling and elimination of data from various IT equipment’s. When ICT Company sets their wheels in motion you’ll get a host of data destruction and IT disposition services that supply the highest level of security available. Services that include the best in class for on-site degaussing, on-site hard drive erasure, and hard drive shredding including solid state drive shredding. These turnkey services meet or exceed all industry standards for Data elimination, chain of custody documentation, asset transportation, certificates of data disposal, and fully compliant recycling services if your company isn’t using ICT Company destruction and recycling services you may be exposed.

Don’t wait for Cyber Theft to happen. Let ICT Company set their wheels in motion for you and give you the protection you need now …… Contact us today.