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Mike Gilmore

e-Ready Building and Chairman CENELEC Technical Committee 215

“Mike is an acknowledged expert in telecommunications infrastructure design and installation.

He has been warning about the extension of the Construction Products Regulation to power and communications cables for almost twenty years and now it is here.  From 1st July 2017, we will have to purchase cables based on their reaction to fire using a EuroClass system – forgetting all the inaccurate, vague terms such as Low Smoke, PVC, zero halogen etc.

Mike is directly involved in defining “what goes where” both for power cables and telecommunications cables.  He will provide information both for the UK and for other European countries.”

Mike Gilmore will be speaking at:

Panel Discussion – Codes Of Practice & European Standards – Impact and Implications of EN 50600 , ISO 50001 & Certification

2018/11/22 11:10 - 11:55

Data Centre Cabling and the Construction Products Regulation

2018/11/22 10:30 - 10:50

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