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Aggreko Publishes Free White Paper: Delivering Rental Gas Power Generation for Data Centres

Cannock, United Kingdom: Aggreko has published a free white paper that looks at how rental gas generation can plug the gap between the grid’s power supply and a data centre’s demand.

The white paper, Delivering rental gas power generation for data centres, discusses the challenges data centres face when their electricity supply from the grid is either delayed or insufficient.  Gas power generation is examined in detail, highlighting its recent technological advancements and potential applications on a data centre site.

Guide contributor, Billy Durie, Aggreko’s Critical Service Development Manager said, “The white paper is designed to provide data centre developers and contractors with an introduction to the possibilities of using gas power generation at their sites.

Gas generators are being used across the globe as ‘mini power stations’ to power mines, manufacturing plants and even small cities in countries with poor infrastructure.  The technology can also help overcome power challenges being faced by data centres right now”.

Gas generators can be set-up to synchronise with the grid or provide standalone continuous power – examples of both are provided.  In addition, the white paper discusses how plants can be configured to achieve optimum redundancy.

Download the Delivering rental gas power generation for data centres white paper here

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