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Xtralis, the global leader of early & reliable detection, verification, monitoring, & response solutions for safety & security threats. VEA is an addressable version of Xtralis’ VESDA-E ASD portfolio that provides accurate information on the location of a potential fire source. VEA supports up to 120 individually addressable sampling points networked to a single central detector breaking through the barrier that previously prevented ASD from being the preferred smoke detection technology for every market. VEA is the only addressable detection solution that delivers assured detection, up to 90% reduction in time to test during maintenance, no disruption to occupant’s business, and optimized response through remotely accessible actionable intelligence. VESDA-E VEA offers vastly superior value over traditional spot or point detectors at a lower total cost of ownership for commercial safety markets such as data centres, office buildings, educational, healthcare facilities, and retail outlets.

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