• Facebook’s Niall McEntegart, EMEA DataCentre Site Operations Director to deliver Keynote address on the 20 November
  • Delivering the keynote address on the 21 November Minister Pat Breen

AI-managed data centre thermal optimisation – it’s nearer than you think

   Despite best efforts, even the best run data centres still have cooling and thermal management issues. With cooling now representing around 30% of a data centre’s operating cost, it’s more important than ever for organisations to be focused on thermal optimisation.

However, for true cooling optimisation, it’s necessary for data centres to start going further and getting more granular. At EkkoSense we believe that when a data room is carefully mapped with appropriate thermal data fields, a whole new level of understanding and cooling efficiency is possible. This inevitably means more monitoring, and reporting temperature and cooling loads more actively – ideally in real-time.

With ASHRAE now suggesting as many as three temperature sensors per rack, achieving this level of sensing would typically require around 10x more sensors than are currently deployed in today’s data centres. Unfortunately, it’s still rare for data centres to sense to this level. That’s probably a key reason why, when we recently analysed over 70 major data centres, we found that 11% of racks weren’t actually ASHRAE thermally compliant. That’s a problem, because without comprehensive sensing you really can’t determine which of your business-critical racks are compliant and which aren’t….Read More


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