Industry Update

Data Edge wins Calnex Global Partner of the year award

Network and application performance management company Data Edge has won the Global Partner of the Year award by Calnex, the telecommunications and data centre synchronisation and timing measurement solutions. Data Edge is the first Irish company to win the Calnex Global Partner of the Year award and was selected from the company’s 68 worldwide partners…. Read more »

MiCiM merger with Operational Intelligence

MiCiM Ltd, based in Reading Berkshire, a main contracting and project management service provider in the mission critical sector have acquired London based company Operational Intelligence (OI), an organisation that offers bespoke training, consultancy, and commissioning services to clients to optimise their data centre risk and energy performance. The collaborative relationship was formed when working… Read more »

Operational and energy savings for data centres

The worldwide data centre market is continuing to grow year on year. As a result, the amount of energy required by data centres is also increasing rapidly. With energy costs skyrocketing, data centre operators, manufacturers, and suppliers are looking for ways to reduce energy bills. One method is to improve the energy efficiency of our… Read more »

Immediately recognise every cable, server and component

Not a single server cable will require manual tracing during installation, network refreshes and troubleshooting when identified with reliable Brady labels for error-free data centre intervention. Quickly recognise the right hardware for fast and error-free data centre interventions. Rely on Brady’s industrial grade labels that remain legible, and stay attached to any cable, disk, panel,… Read more »

Rentaload’s new website is live!

The new Rentaload website is officially online! ➡ (available in German, French, English, Spanish and Norwegian). It now perfectly reflects our activity, our image and positioning with datacenters (rental of load banks and associated services, for the load testing and commissioning of DCs, which allows them to have an infrastructure that is reliable, optimized,… Read more »

Protecting Your Data Centres Reputation With Resilient Physical Security

Recently, Barkers Fencing’s Marketing & Sales Director, Adam Savage sat down with special guest George Dionisopoulos, Head of Security at NEXTDC. NEXTDC are a premium Australian data centre provider, who also design, build and operate Australia’s most highly secured data centres in the country. They sat down to discuss why resilient physical security is so… Read more »