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EDPAC joins Europe’s HVACR industry association

Carrigaline, Brussels, 9 July 2018. Following an official approval by the Eurovent Board of Directors on 6 July 2018 in Brussels, EDPAC has formally joined the Eurovent Association. The manufacturer of innovative air conditioning equipment for critical applications becomes Eurovent’s first member from  Ireland.

EDPAC has been associated with computer room air conditioning since 1968, having originally been an abbreviation for Electronic Data Processing Air Conditioner . EDPAC’s operations in Ireland service the markets of Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Far East. Having pioneered the original concepts, its name is synonymous with quality and reliability in a world, where processing and electrical technologies are applied in critical applications.

Noel Lynch, Managing Director of EDPAC, states: ” EDPAC has been operating in Ireland for over 30 years, supplying air handling and close control equipment to Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and South America . Eurovent shines a Light that seeks to enhance both product quality and standards within the industry, providing confidence to our clients, customers, and the market as a whole. While our products are wellproven within the data centre and commercial air handling sectors, we Look forward to a close association with Eurovent and are delighted to be the 1’1 family member from Ireland .”

With the joining of EDPAC, Eurovent now represents more than 1.000 associations and manufacturers from 27 countries . For more information on our members, visit www .

EkkoSense, the UK-based data centre thermal optimisation specialist, has appointed Jason Kaye as Sales Director. Jason joins the company after seven years in senior EMEA roles at RF Code, the real-time data centre solutions specialist, and will play a key role in building out the EkkoSense partner network and developing international sales.

Jason Kaye brings over 20 years’ data centre, software and networking engineering and sales experience to EkkoSense – most recently from physical asset management and environmental monitoring data centre solutions provider RF Code, where he joined as Director – EMEA Technical Engineering before serving as the company’s EMEA General Manager. Earlier he spent three years in EMEA & APAC technical sales management roles with Uplogix, the network management leader.

“EkkoSense is growing strongly, and is increasingly seen as an innovator when it comes to optimising thermal performance across critical facilities such as data centres. Bringing Jason Kaye on board to help drive our next key growth phase is an important appointment for EkkoSense, particularly as we work to take our distinctive thermal optimisation proposition to a broader international market,” commented EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle. “Jason brings proven sales leadership skills to EkkoSense, while his in-depth knowledge of the real-time environmental monitoring and asset management challenges facing today’s data centre operators will be a significant benefit.”…Read More

Interxion a leading provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services in Europe, today from the Blockchain Summit Conference and Exhibition, announced the general availability of Key Guardian, an encryption key management service that simplifies data protection across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Businesses undertaking their digital transformation are realising added benefits through the use of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. However, in light of GDPR and today’s sophisticated threat landscape, protecting sensitive data in such dynamic environments remains a major source of concern. As organisations turn to encryption to protect their critical information, securing encryption keys become the priority…Read More


Interxion MD Tanya Duncan celebrates Ireland’s national holiday with a reflection on how ‘green’ data centres can be.

As we gear up to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, it’s time to gather all things green in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. Green clothes, green accessories and perhaps even a few four-leaf clovers – it is the luckiest holiday on the calendar after all.

But Ireland isn’t just green by aesthetic or name, it’s green by nature, too. 26pc of the energy Ireland produced in 2016 came from renewable sources and it was recognised as having the third-highest wind penetration in the world.

The green isle has set itself the ambitious target of having 40pc of all its energy generated from renewable sources by 2020, which will make Ireland one of the greenest energy producers in Europe…Read More

For a relatively small island, Ireland an important location to help connect us, with numerous companies opting to run data centers there. In many ways, the green isle is the gateway to Europe for businesses on other continents.

Many factors make Ireland a top choice for business; not least are its location, sustainable impact, and pro-technology and business philosophy. It’s rapidly becoming a popular digital destination for enterprises and is attracting major international business and technology giants from around the globe.

Ireland is home to over 1,000 multinational companies and hyperscale providers for some of the biggest brands, including Google, Facebook and Amazon—all of which have a vast data center presence on the island. With many tech companies opting to make Ireland one of their bases, the country boasts a growing talent pool and tech community that makes it a top choice for multinational businesses to invest in.

But what exactly has led to Ireland’s digital ascension and why is it one of the top 10 most innovative countries worldwide? We’ll explore four main reasons why multinationals are flocking to Ireland more than others in Europe, as well as what makes the country a serious contender for business and one to watch this year...Read More

An Interview with Tanya Duncan, Managing Director of Interxion’s Dublin Campus

Editor’s Note: I have spoken before about the importance of geography in the submarine cable industry.  In the northern transatlantic submarine cable route, Ireland is in the center of this geography.  With a long history at the forefront of the high-tech industry, Ireland has taken a key role in the data center market.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Tanya Duncan, Managing Director of Interxion’s Dublin campus about the data center market in Ireland and the country’s geographic position in the European data center and submarine cable industries. 

“Interxion is a European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data center services based in Amsterdam.  We have been in operation since 1998 so we have seen the data center industry evolve through its peaks and troughs within Europe and globally over the past 20 years….Read More

The iMasons is guided by an Advisory Council of industry leaders responsible for the largest and most advanced digital infrastructure portfolios in the world, many with their EMEA leadership based in Dublin. The growth of Digital Infrastructure globally has been staggering, but particularly dramatic in Dublin which is overtaking traditional European infrastructure hubs.

Fireside Chat with Mystery Guest

Informal discussions / Q&A with industry leaders has proven very popular with participants of iM Local Editions. iM invite leaders who’ve made both a significant impact and have a fascinating story to tell – including – Arista Networks founder Andy Bechtolsheim, Christian Belady and Joe Kava (both of the iMasons Advisory Council), Scott McNealy (Co Founder of Sun Microsystems) and Michael Tobin OBE.

At this event we continue the tradition. We’ve invited another rock star for a little fireside chat. You won’t want to miss it!!

iMasons – Think Tanks

Since being formed in 2016,  we’ve been leveraging the iMasons brain trust. Prior to the event we will collect input from iMasons members  on two industry topics to be discussed at this Local Edition.

Come and work with some of the industry’s most experienced players to map and create our future, and give the builders and operators of the digital age a voice!

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Every year, the 500 million Europeans consume 3,200 terawatt-hours of electricity. European legislation imposes the obligation on member states to provide each citizen with secure, sustainable and competitive energy. It is a balance that is not always easy to maintain because, although renewable energy offers a certain sustainability, this type of energy is highly dependent on weather conditions and therefore does not meet the security criterion. With renewables being preferred by law over fossil fuels,coal-fired power stations have been closing throughout Europe due to

lack of profitability. It is a problematic situation according to the experts, given the peaks in consumption caused by factors such as a cold wave descending on the continent. So how can the whole of Europe be provided with heating if there is insufficient wind to turn the wind turbines? Added to the obligations of security and sustainability is the issue of competitive electricity prices. Bringing on stream gas and coal-fired power stations is highly uneconomic as they would be operating for just a few peak periods each year. Against this background, how can we power our homes and industries in an optimum manner during peak periods and avoid widespread blackouts across Europe? The creation of a new peak shaving market offers an alternative solution to these problems…Read More


Newest line of KOHLER-SDMO generators powered with advanced KOHLER diesel engines. With a wide range of power 800 to 4200kVA and benefit from the KOHLER Worldwide quality of service.  Our emergency, prime, continuous and energy management products excel worldwide and in all sectors, DATA CENTRES, HOSPITALS, MINES, WATER TREATMENT INSTALLATIONS, INDUSTRY, ETC. 

Power Products standard generating sets from the KOHLER-SDMO Power Products range provide all your electricity requirements from 1 to 750kVA, designed for industrial users.

Rental Power a wide range for sustainable investment.  KOHLER-SDMO is using its expertise to respond to highly specialised hirer requirements from 3 to 2500kVA.  Stage III compliant.

Portable Power Domestic/Industrial/PTO Generators, Welding Sets & Water Pumps.  Developed by KOHLER-SDMO for private users, building tradesmen and professionals from 1 to 19kVA.

The KOHLER Group has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920 and is the 3rd largest global player on the market.

In a climate of constantly accelerating digital development that is redefining customer expectations, every individual business unit must possess the capability to react quickly to market changes and stay ahead of the competition.

This will almost inevitably result in increased IT demands – demands which data center managers and capacity planners are charged with accommodating, usually within a legacy infrastructure. But balancing different interdepartmental IT demands against the capacity and cooling limitations of the existing data center suite is no easy task. And with revenue loss and damage to reputation amongst the potential consequences for failure of critical infrastructure, the stakes are certainly high.

The good news is that virtually prototyping the data center environment can play a key role in optimizing capacity provision, allowing data centers to reliably serve business needs and support growth….Read More


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