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The Dangers of Moving Server Racks

In recent years there has been an increase in Data Centres worldwide. This increase has generated a higher demand for larger and heavier server racks of up to 2,000kg to store the increased volume of data.

During the Installation and decommissioning of these Server Racks, the Data Centre operatives move heavy server racks around the Data centre, often in tight spaces and narrow doorways. Most server racks have four multi-directional wheels attached to the bottom of the rack for transportation. These multi-directional wheels often make transportation more difficult as the operator can easily lose control of the server rack compromising themselves, the equipment and other operatives. There is nothing for an operative to grasp whilst moving the racks. Since the hands of operatives are exposed during the transportation process, this leads to extensive hand injuries.

This is undoubtedly a widespread problem and the injuries are only increasing as the volume of Data Centres increases. Over a year ago a Data Centre came to us with this exact problem. The workers in the Data Centre were injuring their hands whilst installing and decommissioning heavy server racks. We collaborated with the operations team and after a year-long process, Steplift decided to invent The Rack Handler which solves this problem.

The Rack Handler is an attachable adjustable handling system ergonomically designed for manually moving racks over long distances and in tight areas. The Rack Handler allows operators to quickly attach handles onto any rack within seconds.

These handles are inward facing at a 45 degree angle which allows the arms to extend and retract naturally without strain on the operative. This design which includes a durable rubber hand grip, ensures complete control over the server rack. Using the Rack Handler eliminates any risk of hand injury and gives the operative complete control. The Rack handler also completely protects the operative, the equipment and the other operatives working within the area.

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