EkkoSense extends European network, partnering with Rentaload, the leading data centre load bank rental company

EkkoSense, the UK-based data centre M&E Capacity Planning and Simulation specialist, has announced a software partnership with Rentaload – the leading European load bank rental company. Under the agreement Rentaload will integrate EkkoSense’s powerful EkkoSoft Critical M&E SaaS software and sensors into its data centre offering, providing customers with cost-effective ongoing monitoring, management and maximisation of their critical data centre M&E infrastructure.

Designed for server room power acceptance testing during the building, renovation or maintenance of data centres, Rentaload’s rack-mounted load bank solutions provide highly accurate insight into a data centre’s functionality under normal operating conditions. EkkoSoft Critical is the first M&E SaaS software platform to offer a practical and cost-effective way for organisations to achieve real time visibility of their critical data centre heartbeat operational data. Because of this, EkkoSense’s intuitive SaaS provides an entirely complementary solution to the Rentaload proposition.

“Rentaload offers a portfolio of smart electrical load bank solutions for testing resistive loads for initial data centre commissioning (TIER IV and V) / deployments. Now, by working with EkkoSense and its EkkoSoft Critical software, we’re able to provide data centre customers with innovative power and cooling support for their IT and M&E operations,” commented Pierre-Luc Barbe, Rentaload’s General Manager. “EkkoSense’s SaaS software is simple to deploy and use, providing us with a smart solution to build out our Rentaload proposition. We look forward to sharing its undoubted benefits with our many customers across Europe.”

“Applying Rentaload’s proven load bank technology is a great way for organisations to test the actual future load of their data centres, and directly test whether their initial power and cooling provision is adequate and compliant,” added EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle. “Through this partnership, Rentaload will now be able to take advantage of EkkoSense’s powerful front-end software, on site telemetry, low-cost 3D visualisation, power monitoring and cooling analytics to deliver further value for their customers. Adding our wireless sensors and EkkoSoft Critical cloud software to the portfolio will also allow Rentaload to provide their customers with deep insight into 2 their data centre cooling, power and space performance, with an ongoing tool to monitor, manage and maximise their critical M&E investments.”

Maximising data centre performance with EkkoSoft Critical Thanks to advanced DCIM-class features such as powerful M&E Scenario Planning & Simulation and unique Cooling Analytics capabilities, EkkoSoft Critical delivers the management and analytics solutions that help operations teams to maximise their data centre performance. EkkoSoft Critical offers the industry’s most comprehensive software-driven thermal optimisation provision, helping EkkoSense customers to achieve data centre cooling energy savings of 25-30%, typical ROIs of less than a year, and significant benefits in terms of released capacity, reduced energy costs and ongoing ASHRAE standards compliance management.

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