It’s not Kool to be cool.......and it never has been

In my role as head of data centre optimisation at Vertiv I visit a lot of data centres. Not the stunning designed and technical marvels of Facebook, Google, AWS or Microsoft. No, I spend my time in facilities that were the cutting edge of the industry 20 or more years go. I’m not complaining. I love it!

I find some pretty interesting things in data centres (see above) but this past 12 months the craziest thing I have found are low temperatures. I’m not talking about “it’s nice and cool in here” kind of temperatures. I’m talking “we can keep penguins in here kind of temperatures”

Love it or hate it the ASRAE guidelines define the temperature (and humidity) ranges that IT equipment should operate at. If you have not seen the charts below before then where have you been living for the past 20 years. Barely a presentation at a data centre event misses out these charts…Read More

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