• Facebook’s Niall McEntegart, Datacenter Site Operations Director, APAC & EMEA to deliver Keynote address at DataCentres Ireland
  • I thought Dublin was great. And, maybe more importantly, getting better each year! Simon Allen Director Infrastructure Masons

KOHLER-SDMO Secures the Electricity Supply on British Soil

Every year, the 500 million Europeans consume 3,200 terawatt-hours of electricity. European legislation imposes the obligation on member states to provide each citizen with secure, sustainable and competitive energy. It is a balance that is not always easy to maintain because, although renewable energy offers a certain sustainability, this type of energy is highly dependent on weather conditions and therefore does not meet the security criterion. With renewables being preferred by law over fossil fuels,coal-fired power stations have been closing throughout Europe due to

lack of profitability. It is a problematic situation according to the experts, given the peaks in consumption caused by factors such as a cold wave descending on the continent. So how can the whole of Europe be provided with heating if there is insufficient wind to turn the wind turbines? Added to the obligations of security and sustainability is the issue of competitive electricity prices. Bringing on stream gas and coal-fired power stations is highly uneconomic as they would be operating for just a few peak periods each year. Against this background, how can we power our homes and industries in an optimum manner during peak periods and avoid widespread blackouts across Europe? The creation of a new peak shaving market offers an alternative solution to these problems…Read More


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