Q.1 – How did you first become involved with the Data Centre Sector?

A.1 – I started out in IT Support, followed by wide area network management an then became an IT Manager. At that point somebody put me in charge of a building called a data centre….

Q.2 – How do you think Brexit and GDPR have impacted the storage of data and the future locations of data centres?

A.2 – Data Sovereignty is a bigger driver than GDPR or BREXIT, however the full impact of BREXIT remains very unclear.

Q.3 – Ireland punches above its weight in Data Centres Investment, in your opinion, “What factors have driven this/will continue to drive this?”

A.3 – Government encouragement given to corporations willing to invest in Ireland. A good corporation tax rate, a good education system / technically literate workforce, English speaking, space for large developments.

Q.4 – In Your Opinion, “What are the opportunities or/and challenges facing the Data Centre Sector over the next few years? and for Ireland in particular?”

A.4 – For Ireland: Problems with planning permission. Lack of available power. Competition from Scandinavia. Market Saturation.

Q.5 – IOT, AI, 5G, Smart buildings, The Edge, Autonomous Cars/Assisted Driving and the overall amount of Data stored will affect DataCentre Infrastructure? and the Data Centre Sector in particular?

A.5 – Yes, there will continue to be a rise in the number and overall size of data centres. Overall power consumption of the ICT sector in general (not just data centres) will continue to rise.

Name: Mark Acton

Title: Head of Data Centre Technical Consulting

Company: CBRE

Date Completed: 30/7/18


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