New Data Center Liquid Cooling Process Wins Uptime Institute Award

Collaboration among 3M, Iceotope and University of Leeds Advances Energy Efficiency in Servers and Reduces Waste from Data Center Infrastructure

As the demand for more data and premiums on energy have grown, 3M Company along with Iceotope Research and Development Ltd, and the University of Leeds are working to advance energy efficiency in servers using new data center liquid cooling methodologies. The efforts will be recognized by the Uptime Institute today, which selected the organizations as a Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award winner for pioneering projects and innovations that significantly improve energy productivity and use of resources in IT.

The University of Leeds is being recognized in the Facility Product Deployment category of the GEIT Awards for its case study, which details the installation of the Iceotope Solution, a new liquid cooled server system designed and manufactured by Iceotope utilizing 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids, at the University’s School of Mechanical Engineering thermofluids laboratory. Iceotope chose Novec fluid for its excellent dielectric heat transfer performance with exceptional environmental properties. The result is a system that can be incorporated into existing data center infrastructure. Additionally, it reduces the energy used to cool IT equipment by up to 97 percent as it eliminates the need for chillers and air conditioning units. Harvested heat from the system is also being reused for heating the laboratory in the case of the University’s deployment..Read More

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