Q.1 – How did you first become involved with the Data Centre Sector?

A.1 – We have been involved in the construction of clean space to the Life Sciences sector since 1982 and this was a natural extension. We have completed over 200,000 m2 of datacentre space in the last 3 years alone.

Q.2 – How do you think Brexit and GDPR have impacted the storage of data and the future locations of data centres?

A.2 – The impact of BREXIT is still uncertain until the deal is understood but is likely to result in restrictions in the movement of data. With GDPR, it is also likely that certain organisations are likely to stipulate that their data is located within their own jurisdiction, to reduce risk. This gives opportunity for companies involved in the construction of Data Centres in the future.

Q.3 – Ireland punches above its weight in Data Centres Investment, in your opinion, “What factors have driven this/will continue to drive this?”

A.3 – Ireland’s cool climate, low corporation tax and use of key fibre connections make it attractive as a location. It also harbours an excellent construction sector and well educated workforce, providing the capability for clients to locate and operate successfully.

Q.4 – In Your Opinion, “What are the opportunities or/and challenges facing the Data Centre Sector over the next few years? and for Ireland in particular?”

A.4 – Areas such as the Nordics have government led strategies to develop this sector and are making real headway. Ireland’s power supplies are being stretched where the Nordics have a plentiful supply of cheaper power, an even cooler climate; planning approvals also give more certainty to clients looking to get their facilities built and out to market. The Irish construction market is busy, there are challenges with resourcing and this is resulting in costs increasing.

Q.5 – IOT, AI, 5G, Smart buildings, The Edge, Autonomous Cars/Assisted Driving and the overall amount of Data stored will affect DataCentre Infrastructure? and the Data Centre Sector in particular?

A.5 – As IT continues to evolve at pace, the need for Data Centre space will also grow, although all IT companies are looking to see how they can get more out of the space they are constructing.

Additional Thoughts

Overall, the Data Centre Sector sees continued growth and opportunity, the future is in Data and Ardmac are optimistic about the future opportunities that this will bring.

Name: Roy Millar

Title: Managing Director

Company: Ardmac

Date Completed: 29.8.18


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