Speaker Group: DC Portal

Ufuk Gucveren

With extensive experience in global Data Centre infrastructure and site selection, Ufuk focuses on the evolution of the sector industry, taking it from it’s infancy to higher realms. Putting  emphasis on design, build and operational management. Through the support and guidance from industry experts, Ufuk has developed the Datacenterportal.com open platform with the objective of… Read more »

Edward Van Leent

Edward has over 30 years of experience in the global high-tech, high-availability and mission-critical data centre industry.  With the unique combination of in-depth technical knowledge and an excellent grasp of the trends and developments in the industry, Edward is the key-driver behind the success of EPI, growing EPI from a small UK-origin company to become… Read more »

Nabeel Mahmood

Nabeel Mahmood is a Technologist, Futurist, and a Keynote Speaker. His career is driven by one question – what’s next? He is passionate about the power of technology to deliver competitive and transformational change and develop digital leadership that will create the enterprise of the future. Nabeel is a strategic CIO identifying opportunities that are being underpinned… Read more »