Speaker Group: Festival Day 5 Afternoon

Manuel Mateo Goyet

Since 2019, Manuel Mateo Goyet is the deputy Head of the Cloud and Software unit at the European Commission, DG Connect. Before that, he served as Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Gabriel advising her on questions of copyright, audiovisual, disinformation, high performance computing, digital skills, Wifi4EU and eHealth. Manuel Mateo joined the Commission (DG… Read more »

Emma Fryer

Emma has worked in and around the technology industry for the last 15 years in a range of non-technical roles that include research and report writing, policy work, from political liaison to detailed negotiations, and project management. More recently she has focused on data centres. She manages the UK Council of Data Centre Operators and… Read more »

Stephen Bowes-Phipps

Steve Bowes-Phipps has over 25 years of operational systems management experience. From managing Financial Services Data Centres and IT operations in the UK and Ireland, he joined ambitious web hosting company GlobalCenter who were expanding from the US into Europe. Sitting on the senior management team, he oversaw the building of five Internet Data Centres… Read more »

Mark Acton

With over 25 years of experience in the Data Centre sector industry Mark has been a specialist in the field of Data Centre Operations for over 20 years, concentrating on the delivery of business critical services from highly reliable, world class Data Centres having 24×365 availability expectations. A Technical Operations Manager with extensive international experience… Read more »