Speaker Group: OCP2

Brian Clavin

Brian has been in the Technology Sector for more than 30 years. He has spent the last 2 decades in the Data Centre Business, including positions at Storage Networks, BT and Total Data Centre Solutions. Since 2017, Brian has been pioneering the deployment of Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) and coupling on-site/near-site renewable Generation (… Read more »

Luc Bossaert

Luc Bossaert (58) is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Ethernetics (“Decarbonise Data Centers”).  The mission of Ethernetics is to reduce electricity consumption of Data Centers in a very innovative and complementary way (to other energy efficiency initiatives). It does this at the level of the electricity socket, by means of its AI-driven proprietary PDU,… Read more »

Stefan Frenzel

Munich, Germany – October 24th, 2022 – Stefan based in Munich, Germany is an international executive with many years of experience in marketing & business development. He worked for various IT companies during the last 20 years and has a high affinity for IT/technology. Stefan is committed to offer tailored marketing & business consulting services… Read more »

David Gyulnazaryan

David based in Nice, France is a Data Centre Decarbonisation and Heat Reuse consultant with many years of experience in district heating, HVAC and data centre cooling. He worked for global heat transfer companies during the last 18 years and has a comprehensive approach for data centre design. David is committed to offer technical &… Read more »