Speaker Group: Room 2 Day 1 - S.10

David Gyulnazaryan

David based in Nice, France is a Data Centre Decarbonisation and Heat Reuse consultant with many years of experience in district heating, HVAC and data centre cooling. He worked for global heat transfer companies during the last 18 years and has a comprehensive approach for data centre design. David is committed to offer technical &… Read more »

Eddie Kilbane

Eddie Kilbane is a seasoned Entrepreneur specialising in Data Centre Developments, in markets across Europe and the USA. Eddie has built and operated mission-critical data centre facilities in Europe since 2011, focusing on the redevelopment of existing buildings into data centres that can be brought to market quickly, with projects actively under development in Ireland… Read more »

John Booth

John Booth is a well-known figure in EU data centre circles, primarily for his role as reviewer for the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) (EUCOC) programme and his work with the Certified Energy Efficiency Data Centre Award (CEEDA) which assesses data centres to a subset of the EUCOC best practices. He… Read more »

Steve Hone

Steve is the co-founder of Data Centre Alliance and sits on the management team of the DCA as Operations Director. The DCA is growing fast and not just in Europe, with offices opening in both the Middle East and USA. Steve has been in the IT Industry since the heady days of the dot.com boom… Read more »