Speaker Group: Speakers 2021

Mark O’Neill

Mark O’Neill is a Microsoft Datacentre Evangelist based in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked a Microsoft for over a decade and a half, most recently as part of the world-wide Microsoft Technology Centre team. With his extensive knowledge he has helped customers from across the world to understand Microsoft’s cloud propositions using Microsoft’s world-class datacentres…. Read more »

Sinéad Redmond

Sinéad Redmond is the co-founder of Open Ireland Network. Sinéad’s background is as a software engineer who can also speak people. This rare and invaluable combination of skills led her to Irish start-up Togán Labs, initially as the technical marketing person and subsequently as Chief Operating Officer, where she has been responsible for strategic direction… Read more »

Sophie Parry BSc (hons) MSc MIET FSLL

Sophie Parry BSc (hons) MSc MIET FSLL A qualified electrical engineer with just over 30 years’ experience in electrical building services and electrical engineering in the aerospace industry and then later specialised in lighting for the last 11 years. Worked for Zumtobel Group since 2014 and current role is Technical Applications Specialist & Technical trainer… Read more »

Dermot Reidy

Working with Irish companies on Strategy, Configuration, Scaling and Internationalisation agendas. Following the 2008 crash, built a Construction Industry strategy to develop exports in Data, Pharma, Power and Food projects and helped client companies to deliver (in 2020) €3.9Bn of Exports. The Irish construction industry is now a global player in Design, PM, CM and… Read more »

Prof Andrew Keane

Andrew Keane is Director of the Energy Institute at University College Dublin and a research programme which brings together multiple disciplines to address research challenges facing the energy sector, in particular as we move towards decarbonisation. Andrew’s research interests include the impact of new energy resources on the power system from the residential network up… Read more »

Jim Scheer

Jim has 20 years’ experience working in the field of policy analysis and development related to environmental issues. He joined SEAI in 2007 and is currently Head of Department (Data and Insights) responsible for energy statistics, modelling, behavioural economics and finance at SEAI. He holds a Professional Diploma in Advanced Management Performance (Smurfit Business School),… Read more »

Dominik Franjo Dominkovic

Dominik is a Senior Researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Compute). He received his PhD in 2018 on Modelling the energy supply of future smart cities. He is currently leading the Cool-Data project (https://cool-data.dtu.dk/about-us), which deals with optimising the cooling system of small and medium-size data centres. Dominik focuses on holistic modelling of… Read more »

Tom Glover

A self-proclaimed “tech junkie” Tom has been working in the IT sector for over 25 years, starting out with software application and technology layers such as machine learning, early day AI, business rules and algorithmic trading platforms before progressing to TCM and core banking applications. In 2009 he was lured to the dark side of… Read more »

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the Strategy Manager for Customer Solutions, ESB. Customer Solutions, ESB brings together all the non-regulated customer facing business within the ESB Group serving the energy retail, telecoms and energy service businesses across Ireland, Northern Ireland and GB and includes businesses such as Electric Ireland (Residential and Business Markets), ESB Energy (UK), ESB… Read more »

Niall Kelly

Niall Kelly is the Director of The Cube, Ireland’s National Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon. The Cube is a multipoint national centre that merges the global and national movement towards carbon neutrality with economic and regional growth. This is achieved through aiding and assisting industry, driving foreign direct investment (FDI) and promoting innovation in… Read more »