Speaker Group: Speakers 2023

Brian Clavin

Brian has been in the Technology Sector for more than 30 years. He has spent the last 2 decades in the Data Centre Business, including positions at Storage Networks, BT and Total Data Centre Solutions. Since 2017, Brian has been pioneering the deployment of Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) and coupling on-site/near-site renewable Generation (… Read more »

Graham Scandrett

Graham Scandrett is Electric Power Head of Projects Sales with Finning Ireland Ltd.  He has 22 years of combined experience in the electric power industry gained from Caterpillar Inc and more recently Finning UK&I.  Graham has first-hand experience of gas, liquid and mobile generator set engineering, manufacturing, distribution, after-market and customer applications both domestically and… Read more »

Dr Cera Slevin

Cera is an experienced engineer and company director with 25 years across energy and climate change; from design, construction, operations & maintenance, trading, project development to establishing joint ventures, new business models and investment management in Africa, Middle East, Australia and Europe. Cera is the Founder of Climate Matters Ltd to support companies in determining… Read more »

Marcos Byrne

Marcos Byrne is a Senior Policy Analyst with focus on Grids and Markets at Wind Energy Ireland. Marcos has a degree and master’s in mechanical engineering from University College Dublin. Marcos comes from a background in innovative grid technologies with SuperNode where he worked on analysing markets and future market trends, product development for innovative… Read more »

Luc Bossaert

Luc Bossaert (58) is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Ethernetics (“Decarbonise Data Centers”).  The mission of Ethernetics is to reduce electricity consumption of Data Centers in a very innovative and complementary way (to other energy efficiency initiatives). It does this at the level of the electricity socket, by means of its AI-driven proprietary PDU,… Read more »