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This Webinar is a panel Discussion, moderated by Mark Acton (independent Consultant) and feature Industry Experts Venessa Moffat (RiT Tech), Simon Browne (JLL), Eddie Kilbane (Dataplex Group) and Ofer Lior, (Intel).

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Outline of the Panel Discussion:

“The ongoing edge deployment trend is resulting in the creation of business critical sites that are both remote and generally not staffed. The current difficulties with travel and site access pose similar challenges to more traditional sites. This panel of Experts will discuss “How do we monitor, manage and maintain these sites to ensure continued availability and reliability?”

Areas that were discussed:

  • Edge deployment and the growing dependency on remote sites that are not manned yet potentially business critical
  • Dark Data Centres
  • The requirement to manage increasingly complex, geographically diverse, hybrid digital infrastructure
  • How can these sites remain reliable and available without onsite staff?
  • How should site visits and essential maintenance be manged and performed?
  • Should we be introducing new operational models that better suit remote, dark site management?
  • How do we collate the information we need to manage multiple unmanned remote sites to achieve operational and economic objectives?
  • Yet we need to have this accuracy and confidence in the data to properly support the business and the economics of operating a data centre
  • How do we achieve this dream?
  • What is tools are there or are being developed to assist those challenged with managing datacentres and other Critical Infrastructure?
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This Webinar is a panel Discussion, moderated by David  McAuley, (BitPower) and features Industry Experts Liam Ryan (Eirgrid),  Dermot McArdle (ESB), Damien Gaynor (Echelon Data Centres) and Dr Lisa Ryan, (The School of Economics, UCD).

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Outline of the Panel Discussion

The success of Ireland in attracting Data Centres, coupled with the size of the country means Ireland’s Energy sector is having to develop to meet the challenges faster than many other countries, particularly for large energy users.

This Panel Experts will discuss “The Irish Energy Challenge – Fulfilling Data Centre Power Requirements, in a Renewable Age.”

Areas to be discussed include:

  • Data Centre Growth in the Country
  • Power demand in Ireland – Now and in the Future
  • Impact of DataCentre Clusters and Local Power Demand
  • Government Policy
  • Growth of Sustainable/Renewable Energy
  • Data Centres as an active player in the Energy Sector
  • Demand Response and Independent Onsite Generation
  • Should Data Centres be viewed as Value Adding processors of locally sourced renewable energy.
  • The Economic Impact of Data Centres and the Energy Market


Dermot McArdle

Business Markets Manager


This panel discussion features representatives from: Carbon3IT, CATALYST Project, Codema, Qarnot, Asperitas, Dutch Data Center Association, ECO Cooling and Telia Finland.


With the EU stating that “Data Centres, can, and should be carbon neutral by 2030” is there the possibility of using the waste heat more efficiently? This expert panel will discuss the potential, the engineering, the enabling infrastructure, the technical skills required and the costs and benefits of waste heat reuse, especially for smaller edge sites and whether the wide scale adoption of innovative technologies such as immersed cooling, tip the industry towards the edge!

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What will be discussed: 

As the data centre world continues to adapt and respond to the changing global landscape, there has never been a more prevalent time to stop and consider the benefits that immersive cooling technology can bring. From an engineering perspective, to a ‘go green’ agenda, to basic cost savings – now is the time to consider why immersive cooling is a viable solution in data centres.

Join our expert panel of speakers as they talk about all things immersive cooling. Register today for this free webinar to;

  • Understand the workings of liquid cooling and what it can mean for a data centre both operationally and financially
  • Debate why now this technology is driving ‘green’ agendas across the global data centre industry
  • Analyse the wider benefits of immersive cooling and what it can bring to the wider energy conversation
  • Hear first-hand about ongoing projects – their objectives and results thus far

Our esteemed speaker panel includes:

Jon Summers, Scientific Lead in Data Centres, RISE

“Dr Jon Summers is the scientific lead in data centres at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Adjunct Professor in Fluid Mechanics at Lulea Technical University in Sweden, and a Visiting Professor to the Institute of Thermofluids at the University of Leeds in the UK. He has worked on government and industry funded projects using high performance computing (HPC). Having built and managed compute intense clusters to support research projects, he chaired the HPC User Group for 20 years at the University of Leeds. Recently Jon’s research has focused on a range of thermal management and energy flow projects within the Data Centre, HVAC, and industrial sectors. Since 2011 he has been involved in liquid cooled IT research projects, focusing both at the data centre and the microprocessor scales, which has been further transformed by opportunities of integrated digital infrastructure research at RISE, including the operation of large-scale testbeds using holistic cooling control, liquid cooling, and fuel cells. Focusing on thermal and energy management has led to Jon being invited to present and sit on panels within the data centre community. Jon also has an interest in the physical limits of computation.”

Gemma Reeves, Business Unit Manager BFB & GPH, Energy, Alfa Laval

‘’Gemma has worked for Alfa Laval, global leader in heat transfer technology, for over 20 years. Gemma has dealt with many different technologies during her career and has a wealth of experience in energy-based applications. She now specialises in datacentre centre applications.

In her current role, she leads a dedicated team working in applications such as district heating, fuel cells and heat pump technology. She is passionate about the innovation journey the world is currently on with the drive to net zero and looks forward to sharing how Alfa Laval can support companies to reach their goals.’’

David G, Executive Consultant, Impleon and Project Leads, Open Compute Project

David based in Nice, France is a Data Centre Decarbonisation and Heat Reuse consultant with many years of experience in district heating, HVAC and data centre cooling. He worked for global heat transfer companies during the last 18 years and has a comprehensive approach for data centre design.

David is committed to offer technical & ownership consulting services to his clients, with a special focus on the data centre industry and heat reuse applications for different climates. His support based on carbon footprint analysis and climate profile provide the transparency and avoid the “greenwashing”.

He is also a member of Technology Committee at Infrastructural Masons(iMasons) and make contribution to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance(SDIA).

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What will be discussed?

As data centres become increasingly critical to everyday life, ensuring uptime has become a major priority for those working in the sector. Through the right level of testing at the commissioning phase, the resilience of facilities can be guaranteed, meaning that the risk of potentially costly outages can be mitigated

But what do tests for new equipment involve? And how can data centre managers contractors, and commissioning engineers ensure that they are taking a best practice approach when testing critical equipment?

Our experts, Margot Weistroffer and Wayne Carolan , will discuss how to address the testing, temperature control, and power procurement challenges facing data centres.

Join us for this free webinar to:

  • Explore the potential of temporary power and temperature control solutions in optimising operational and financial aspects during commissioning.
  • Discover how you can be at the forefront of driving process efficiency and reliability

Our esteemed panel includes:

Wayne Carolan, Sector Development Manager, Aggreko

Wayne Carolan is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to support the growth of the data centre industry, primarily in Ireland. Wayne has over 20 years experience in the energy and technology sector, with a particular focus on rental solution projects in power and temperature control.

As an electrician by trade, Wayne holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics from Technological University Dublin. Renowned for his expertise in supporting new data centre innovations, construction, commissioning, and operation, he has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the sector and is committed to driving innovation and best practice in application solutions.

Margot Weistroffer, Sector Development Manager, Aggreko

Margot Weistroffer is passionate about the power of data and supporting the ongoing success of the data centre industry. With a First Class Honours Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the renowned French Institute for Advanced Mechanics (IFMA), Margot uses her knowledge and over 10 years ’ technical experience to add tangible value to every project.

Skilled in technical sales, account management and new business development, Margot is committed to the belief that there is always an innovative solution to every new challenge. Through greater solution to every new challenge. Through greater collaboration, teamwork and knowledge, Margot is helping to drive efficient, sustainable efficient, sustainable progress for for the industry.

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