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DataCentres Ireland delivered over 1700 attendees, a 13.6% growth YOY making this the largest ever gathering of Data Centre Professionals attendance in the events history and the country as well.

“A fantastic event and attended by so many great Data Centre professionals. I definitely thought it was better attended than the previous year and the quality of content even better.”  Joe McCaffrey, Director, Duke McCaffrey Construction Consultants

The general feel from the show floor was that though busier than previous year’s it was quality of attendees that make DataCentres Ireland such a success.

 “I would say that the event (DataCentres Ireland) has become a must attend event for participants in the Data Centre sector and continues to provide an attractive forum for doing business.” Fergal Ruane, Partner, ByrneWallace

The DataCentres Ireland Conference Programme was also hailed as a great success. The combination of two distinct streams one on the Strategic Development of DataCentres in Ireland, together with one focused on Operational Issues, worked well with over 100 people attending some sessions.

The importance of the Conference sessions to the delivery of quality attendees should not be underestimated, as many attendees had planned the timing and length of stay to allow them to hear particular papers or panel discussions.

Anecdotally, a number of Speakers and Delegates stated that the range of presentations, depth of content and quality of speaker makes DataCentres Ireland one of the world leading events from a delegate’s perspective.

“I very much enjoyed attending the event… I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend more time at DataCentres Ireland, but it looked to be well attended and I certainly enjoyed being involved.” Chris Bayly, Chief Operating Officer, AquaComms

As well as registering the highest number of visitors, there was a notable increase in the length of stay by attendees, which meant the event felt even busier as there were more people in the exhibition hall at any one time.

DataCentres Ireland also grew its international reach delivering attendees from 18 different countries. This included working together with Enterprise Ireland to deliver a 40 strong High Level delegation from Europe, USA and Canada.

The combination of Conference sessions held in the hall and the professional atmosphere meant exhibitors and delegates had the time to engage with each other, network and conduct business.

The Networking reception at the end of day 1, which was open to visitors, speakers and exhibitors, attracted between 300 – 400 attendees was a great success. With attendees stating that the opportunity to share a drink, enjoy some food, relax and discuss the day was welcomed.

One of the things that seemed to please exhibitors was a lack of time wasters, allowing them to spend more time with those that were looking for meaningful business conversations.

Great show. Hope you were happy with it.” Vincent Byrne, MD, Vincent Byrne Consultants


Hugh Robinson, Exhibition Director

DataCentres Ireland