DataCentres Ireland 2021 Conference

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DataCentres Ireland Virtual Festival

Due to COVID-19 DataCentres Ireland 2020 could not take place physically, so, we created the DataCentres Ireland Virtual Festival. View the On-Demand Content below:


Garry Connolly

President & Founder

Host in Ireland

Séamus Dunne

Managing Director

Interxion Ireland

Eoin Lambkin


Circular Data

Matt Pullen

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Europe


Astrid Wynne

Sustainability Lead


2030 just around the corner and Data Centre operators strive to deliver a Net Zero carbon footprint. Pull the other one – public perception persists that the industry is a major global power consuming culprit. What is the truth and what’s been done to change perceptions? Oh yes and what happens to the vast acreages of decommissioned infrastructure equipment destined for landfill or new homes?

Areas that will be addressed: 

  • Scope 1, 2, 3
  • Circular Economy
  • Direction of Travel for the DC Sector
  • What does this mean for DC’s
  • Suppliers – Understanding the Business Drivers to Create Competitive advantage

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Alan Beresford

Founder and Owner


Matt Evans

Technical Account Manager

Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd

Daniel Pope

Co-Founder & CEO

Submer Immersion Cooling

Dr Anthony Robinson

Co-Founder & CSO


Dr Jon Summers

Scientific Leader in Data Centres


As racks and stacks get hotter, and rack density increases so does the argument on whether liquid or air cooling offers the better solution.

Technology is developing all the time and this panel of experts are at the forefront of developing new solutions that are changing the dynamic., whether from product development aspect or a commercial offering.

Areas addressed:

  • What has been achieved?
  • Types of solutions available? On Chip Cooling, Immersive, Direct Air?
  • New Technologies– what is on the Horizon
  • Running Standard equipment at high temperatures
  • Future running of the Data Centre – What does this mean for cooling requirements?
  • Commerciality – What does it need to look like to make a change?
  • The Boden Project – What have we learned?
  • Accommodating Heat Networks
  • Horses for courses – What does it need to look like commercially to make a change?

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Brian Doherty

Managing Director and CEO

Atlantic Hub

Frank Grundholm

Vice President of Global HVACR sales

ABB Motion

Eddie Kilbane


DataPlex Group

Joe McCaffrey

Cofounder and Managing Director

Duke McCaffrey Consulting

Gary Watson

Country Manager

KDCR (Ireland)

This panel will discuss the various considerations behind assessing when a Data Centre needs updating, whether that be financial, space, efficiency, through to the approach and criteria to be considered when planning the retrofit, pitfalls and opportunities. This panel benefits from the vast amount of experience of all those in the debate.

Areas that will be addressed:

  • Assessing the Viability
  • Considerations
  • Energy Saving
  • Increasing Rack density and usage
  • Cooling Options
  • ROI
  • Planning Considerations

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Robbie Aherne

Head of New Connections

Eirgrid Group

Peter Connolly

Managing Director

Cornwall Insight

Damian Flynn

Associate Professor, School or Electrical and Electronic Engineering


David McAuley

Founder and CEO


Alan McHugh

Associate Director - Power T&D


With data centres taking higher proportions of grid electricity, these is a trend towards grid operators seeking more flexibility from large energy users. This session asks how this might work and addresses some of the key challenges. 

Areas that will be addressed:

  • How can this flexibility be delivered? – predictive demand forecasting, load shifting, batteries, UPS, on-site generation?
  • What are the benefits? – Less wind curtailment. Grid stability. More grid capacity? Green Credentials?
  • How can we measure the contribution flexibility provides?
  • Will data centres become two-way nodes in the electricity grid, providing supply capacity when required, and absorbing renewables when available?
  • Are technical challenges the main barrier to two-way operation? Or are other factors more important?
  • How can such facilities work within the energy market? – what are the market mechanisms? Are there existing financial mechanisms

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Una Fitzpatrick

Director of Technology

IBEC Ireland

Simon MacAllister

Brexit Lead

EY Ireland

Marie McGinley

Head of IP, Technology & DP

Eversheds Sutherland

Vincent Power

Partner - EU, Competition & Procurement

A&L Goodbody

The ramifications of any type of Brexit are still unclear and the direct impact to Data Centres and the storage of Data, and Data Transfer even more so. This panel will look discuss all the issues related to Brexit and using their unique knowledge and give some insights into what this means for the Country and the Sector.

Areas that will be addressed:

  • Update on the current situation
  • GDPR
  • Opportunities and Challenges:
    • For Ireland Plc
    • For the Data Centre Sector
  • Leveraging the might of the 27
  • UK – Does Brexit on WTO rules make it harder for EU Countries to compete?

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Garry Connolly

President & Founder

Host in Ireland

Marc Garner

Vice President, Secure Power Division

Schneider Electric UK&I

Maurice Mortell

Managing Director Ireland


Joan Mulvihill

Digitalisation Lead

Siemens Ireland

Michelle Wallace

Head of Operations and Community

Host in Ireland

According to the world economic forum, digital technology can help reduce global emissions by 15%. There is no doubt that digital technologies can be transformational in how we tackle a climate crisis. How can we match up ideas and theory with action? As an industry, is it taking enough of a leadership role to positively impact climate action?

Areas that will be addressed:

  • What are the drivers to change? Shareholders? Employees? Consumers?
  • Is data technology a help or a hindrance in climate action
  • Some solutions exist, are we adopting fast enough?
  • Is the industry keeping up? Making a step change?

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Nigel Bayliff


Aqua Comms

Paul Besley

General Manager

Prescient Data Centre

Peter Hendrick


National Broadband Ireland

Fergus Innes

Senior Vice President

Crosslakes Fibre

This will look at the fibre connections both locally and internationally and the impact of these on Ireland. It will also consider the changes to in Fibre technology and how the pan Ireland connectivity may assist in the development of regional growth of Data Centres.

Areas that will be addressed:

  • International Pipes
  • Intra Ireland Connections
  • Broadband
  • Impact From COVID-19
  • Opportunities for regional Development

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Ed Ansett

Chairman and Co-Founder

i3 Solutions Group Ltd

Antonio Coccia

UPS Global Head of Business Development and Customer Projects


John Curley

General Manager

Clarke Energy

Simon McCormick


Echelon Data Centres Limited

Dr Rory Monaghan

Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering

NUIG and Hydrogen Ireland

Does the announcements from Companies such as Microsoft mean the that the Standby Generation piece of the data centre is about to change? Renewable/Sustainable energy could mean Batteries and Fuel Cells becoming important. However, cost is a factor, are Gas Engines whether Natural gas  or Hydrogen enhanced better r Biomass/ or are we stuck with Diesel?

Areas that will be addressed:

  • General Discussion
  • Benefits of each
  • Grid Flexibility
  • Comparison

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Mark Acton

Independent Consultant

Simon Browne

Sales and Solutions Development Senior Director


Garry Connolly

President & Founder

Host in Ireland

Tommy Fitzpatrick



Helena O’Dwyer

Associate Partner

EY Ireland

The COVID Pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we conduct business, with people working from home, virtual meetings, etc… some of these changes will be permanent, others not so. Not only has this impacted the DataCentres themselves but this greater reliance Virtual Meetings, means the role of the datacentre as a fundamental Utility has been highlighted.

Areas that will be addressed:

  • Impact on the sector
  • How has the FM Piece altered
  • Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Has COVID-19 Facilitated the Edge
  • How has business changed and what is it likely to mean for the future
  • Regionality of Data Centres

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Mark Acton

Independent Consultant

Stephen Bowes-Phipps

Senior Consultant

PTS Consulting

Emma Fryer

Associate Director


Manuel Mateo Goyet

Deputy Head of the Cloud and Software unit

European Commission

This Session will include a short presentation from Emma Fryer, Associate Director for Data Centres, techUK , outlining some of the changes driving EU decision making followed by a panel discussion debating what this may mean for Data Centre Operators.

Areas that will be addressed:

  • Update on Standards
  • How the EU view Data Centres
  • Impact of changes
  • New Drivers
  • Gaia X
  • Carbon Emission
  • Energy
  • OVH – European Cloud Platform

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