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A panel discussion by industry experts and gas engine specialists focussing on the merits of on-site electricity generation for Data Centres. Innovative system design and hybrid energy solutions can ensure maximum efficiency, control costs and lower emissions for Irish Data Centres.

  • Energy Reliability – Electricity Grid, Natural Gas Grid & onsite generation as energy insurance
  • Enabling Green – Grid Support; Flexible Generation – Controlling electricity costs
  • Speed to market or Connection time challenges – Energy Bridging solutions
  • Carbon or GHG regulation Outlook/Change/Challenges
  • Future H2 solutions & Natural Gas grid – including renewable gas

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Sean Crowley

Large Industrial & Commercial Sales Manager

Gas Networks Ireland

David Mitcheltree

Data Center Natural Gas & Hydrogen Generation - Global Sales & Business Development


Jon Sedgwick

Head of Market Operations

Electricity Exchange

This webinar is brought to you by the global leaders in intelligent energy management, GridBeyond. Denver Blemings, Regional Director and Irish Energy Market Specialist, will present to you the ways that data centre businesses, like yours, can use energy management as a gateway to enhanced revenues and savings, whilst optimising uptime. Within this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to uncover flexibility in your energy use without impacting operations
  • How the energy markets are changing and what that means for you
  • Where the opportunities lie for businesses like yours
  • What new technology is available and how it works
  • How much your business could both earn and save through the energy markets

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Denver Blemings

Regional Director


Michael Phelan

CEO & Co-Founder


On-Demand Content

This Webinar is a panel Discussion, moderated by Mark Acton (independent Consultant) and feature Industry Experts Venessa Moffat (RiT Tech), Simon Browne (JLL), Eddie Kilbane (Dataplex Group) and Ofer Lior, (Intel).

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Outline of the Panel Discussion:

“The ongoing edge deployment trend is resulting in the creation of business critical sites that are both remote and generally not staffed. The current difficulties with travel and site access pose similar challenges to more traditional sites. This panel of Experts will discuss “How do we monitor, manage and maintain these sites to ensure continued availability and reliability?”

Areas that were discussed:

  • Edge deployment and the growing dependency on remote sites that are not manned yet potentially business critical
  • Dark Data Centres
  • The requirement to manage increasingly complex, geographically diverse, hybrid digital infrastructure
  • How can these sites remain reliable and available without onsite staff?
  • How should site visits and essential maintenance be manged and performed?
  • Should we be introducing new operational models that better suit remote, dark site management?
  • How do we collate the information we need to manage multiple unmanned remote sites to achieve operational and economic objectives?
  • Yet we need to have this accuracy and confidence in the data to properly support the business and the economics of operating a data centre
  • How do we achieve this dream?
  • What is tools are there or are being developed to assist those challenged with managing datacentres and other Critical Infrastructure?
  • Those unable to make the live Webinar, can register and watch on line by simply registering to receive a link to the video recording.

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This Webinar is a panel Discussion, moderated by David  McAuley, (BitPower) and features Industry Experts Liam Ryan (Eirgrid),  Dermot McArdle (ESB), Damien Gaynor (Echelon Data Centres) and Dr Lisa Ryan, (The School of Economics, UCD).

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Outline of the Panel Discussion

The success of Ireland in attracting Data Centres, coupled with the size of the country means Ireland’s Energy sector is having to develop to meet the challenges faster than many other countries, particularly for large energy users.

This Panel Experts will discuss “The Irish Energy Challenge – Fulfilling Data Centre Power Requirements, in a Renewable Age.”

Areas to be discussed include:

  • Data Centre Growth in the Country
  • Power demand in Ireland – Now and in the Future
  • Impact of DataCentre Clusters and Local Power Demand
  • Government Policy
  • Growth of Sustainable/Renewable Energy
  • Data Centres as an active player in the Energy Sector
  • Demand Response and Independent Onsite Generation
  • Should Data Centres be viewed as Value Adding processors of locally sourced renewable energy.
  • The Economic Impact of Data Centres and the Energy Market


Dermot McArdle

Business Markets Manager


This panel discussion features representatives from: Carbon3IT, CATALYST Project, Codema, Qarnot, Asperitas, Dutch Data Center Association, ECO Cooling and Telia Finland.


With the EU stating that “Data Centres, can, and should be carbon neutral by 2030” is there the possibility of using the waste heat more efficiently? This expert panel will discuss the potential, the engineering, the enabling infrastructure, the technical skills required and the costs and benefits of waste heat reuse, especially for smaller edge sites and whether the wide scale adoption of innovative technologies such as immersed cooling, tip the industry towards the edge!

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Presentation Summary:

Today’s enterprise data centre must handle more requirements than ever before, with the IT infrastructure connecting distributed ecosystems of employees, partners, and suppliers.

With this complexity comes the need for technology and services to ensure high availability and optimal performance of the IT delivery infrastructure.

For resource-strapped IT organisations, managing these complex IT environments can present significant challenges. IT managers are focusing on driving strategic technology transformations that can directly affect bottom-line revenue rather than manage legacy IT assets.

Recent research from IDC has indicated that IT leaders are increasingly relying more heavily on IT support providers that can help improve their IT operations, while also meeting the ever-increasing demand for IT performance.

This webinar, hosted together with IDC, will seek to explore and highlight what IT organisations should look for in a support partner, while addressing steps to take if managing multiple support providers becomes just as challenging as managing the IT infrastructure themselves.

Key takeaways of the webinar for attendees, are;

1. Learn how increasingly complicated IT infrastructures are driving the need for new and different types of outsourced support

2. Understand the latest trends in how companies are evaluating support providers

3. Learn how DMSO (a new IT services model) can manage much of the heavy lifting, allowing IT leaders to focus more on the big picture of their IT operations

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Abstract: This webinar/presentation explores challenges, considerations and insights for Data Centre Infrastructure and Operations leaders engaged in the formulation of strategies.

Learning Points:

  • Insights to data centre power and energy usage
  • CAPEX and OPEX considerations for data centre decision makers
  • Key infrastructure and operational observations
  • Formulating a data centre energy strategy

Speaker name, job title and company:

Andrew Dobson, Head of Global Sales, Hanley Energy

Speaker Bio:

Currently Head of Global Sales at Hanley Energy, a role focused on leading a multi-country sales team to delivery high-value technical solutions to a hyperscale and industrial manufacturing client base.

A core component of Andrew’s role is unlocking business value for clients by combining the technical, operational and consultative capabilities of Hanley Energy during engagements.

With over 20 years client management and engagement experience, Andrew brings a wealth of product and technology monetization insights from his roles in global telecommunications giants such as British Telecom, Ericsson and Telefonica.

During this series, our Starline engineers discussed relevant topics such as personalized layout design, safety and grounding, and how to specify overhead busway to overcome electrical challenges across numerous industries. We also explored how open channel busway can empower your organization.


Nick Funyak

Cory Leshen

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This presentation will help you integrate intelligent lighting systems and services in to your facility that will enable you to highlight and represent your brand whilst providing a safe and secure scheme, encompassing controls and emergency backup. The presentation will focus on eco-friendly lighting solutions that are tailored for each space, ensuring that the task area and the lit environment has the appropriate luminaire.


Niall Sheridan, Director – Head of Sales, ZG Lighting Ireland

With over 23 years of lighting experience, the last 13 of which, with the Zumtobel group, Niall has worked on many of the largest Social Media and blue-chip IT companies in Ireland and across Europe. Niall has worked with End Users, consultant engineers and contractors, offering a complete solution that includes a full range of Lighting, Controls, and emergency backup (central battery and standalone).  He also provides project stakeholders a holistic approach which includes lighting calculations, schematics technical advice, product selection, procurement and logistics.

Steve Mansell, Divisional Director of Critical Facilities UK, Zumtobel Group

Steve has worked within the electrical industry since 2003 and within the Mission Critical sector for 10 years, with a background in power distribution and modular wiring systems he moved into lighting by joining Zumtobel Group in 2016. Steve has worked in partnership with leading data centre operators, their facility design teams and Zumtobel Group’s product development specialists to produce a complete Lighting ecosystem ideally suited to the demands of the modern mission critical facility. His collaborative approach has seen Zumtobel form strong bonds with key influences from Leading Global Blue Chip Data Centre Operators, Architects, Consulting Engineers and Contractors throughout the UK.

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Phil Godfrey

Solutions Architect

Park Place Technologies


Sprawling data centre hardware, an inefficient IT environment with multiple IT suppliers and increased IT costs can be hard to manage, maintain and control.  This Park Place Technologies webinar will explore how these challenges can be overcome with a multitude of services within the concept of DMSO (Discover, Monitor, Support and Optimize). DMSO can help you regain control of your IT environment by giving you visibility of your whole hardware environment, ensuring your IT environment is performing as it should be by driving business and IT efficiency, and reduce your support costs by 30-40%.

Key takeaways of the webinar for attendees:

  1. Learn how new market tools and services can help manage complicated IT infrastructures
  2. Explore how greater visibility of your IT environment can help drive IT performance and efficiency
  3. See how your data centre hardware support costs can be reduced by 30-40% including shifting CapEx to OpEx spend
  4. Find out about DMSO and how it can help your organisation regain control of your IT

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DCIM promised the earth but has failed to deliver. It stands accused of wasting time and money and making false promises.

From reorganising the letters to creating new acronyms, DCIM has faced lots of controversy on how it just doesn’t do what is says on the tin.

Will DCIM end up in the bin through no fault of its own or will perceptions be effectively changed.

As a community should we say ‘Out with the old and in with new?’
Or are those promises just not necessary and the demand just was not there in the first place.

We’re here to accept the challenge to stand as the accused on behalf of DCIM and face a Chief Inquisitor in order to defend a DCIM that has now turned over a new leaf.

3 Accused will stand in the dock on behalf of DCIM to answer the questions of a Chief Inquisitor

The defendant on behalf of the accused, Mark Acton will present the case for the defence. A case on why the market was just not listening to the customers’ needs and how RiT Tech has made DCIM proud.

Learning Points:

  1. Why data centres risk the opportunity for growth without DCIM
  2. Wise data centre operators need one central infrastructure management tool
  3. Why XpedITe is different and changing perceptions
  4. How IT infrastructure management and facilities management can integrate with ease and complete clarity
  5. Having a bit of fun

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Frank Grundholm

Vice President of Global HVACR sales

ABB Motion

What will be discussed:

Variable speed solutions bring substantial improvements to data center energy performance, allowing to save on average 20 to 60% of energy used in cooling. At the same time, it is important to be careful when selecting variable speed technology, since it significantly impacts data center power network reliability. Join the session to discover what ABB, one of the top technology leaders, offers for increased data center cooling efficiency without compromising on power quality and how else variable speed drives can help benefit data centers.

– What are the risks for a data center power network if not paying enough attention to variable speed solutions for cooling
– Why PUE doesn’t tell the whole story about how effectively the energy is used by a data center
– Benefits of active front end drives for cooling applications speed control

Key Learning Points:

– Select the equipment based on its efficiency at the data center actual operating points and not its peak load.
– Specify variable speed technology for cooling considering its power quality performance to avoid data center operation instability and excessive capex and opex.
– Active front end drive technology ensures power quality for better data center resilience and substantially improves capex and opex.

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Michael Sigourney

Founder and CEO



Data centres and IT facilities are extremely concerned about data loss and downtime and take many precautions to protect themselves. This is especially true for timeframes when facilities may be understaffed and potential problems cannot be spotted, such as we’ve seen due to recent COVID-19 staffing concerns. 30% of all data loss stems from unexpected environmental issues that are often overlooked and need to be monitored to prevent damage or downtime. This presentation will discuss how installing proactive environment monitors and sensors will help to alert data centre staff and tenants to potential environmental issues that can be addressed before they result in costly downtime.


  • Help prevent downtime & data loss
  • Compile reports to view environment changes over time
  • Affordable, easy to install and use
  • Protect against causes of downtime not monitored by traditional hardware and software
  • Monitors and sensors are customizable for any facility size, budget, or application

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Ufuk Gucveren

Managing Director


Nabeel Mahmood

Technologist, Nomad Futurist, Keynote Speaker

CIO Instor

Edward Van Leent

Chairman and CEO

EPI Group of Companies

The lack of information and transparency in the Data Centre market plays a crucial role in the resistance of the sectors growth, understanding, and subsequent errors. With perceptions varying from person to person about what a Data Centre is and how this determines the capacity is a prime example of how little we know about the market.

Verification of facility infrastructure, capacity, performance, and other non-performance related attributes and data acquisition in our market is direly needed.

Existing standards bodies and research houses currently provide data collection methods, verifying facility infrastructure and performance. However, that’s not enough. Could this be due to measuring performance or non-performance attributes are taken as a snapshot instead of over its lifespan? The sheer number of different standards also causes some friction – which one to adopt, for what reason and the vast costs associated with them are only but a few issues that stand in the way of better designs, builds or operating a Data Centres. The entire process of adopting accreditation is complicated!

Is there a way to harness their strengths under one central platform that we can all use to our advantage?

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DE Power Ltd and the US Generator giant Kohler SDMO, cooperate in the
Data Centre market for standby diesel and gas generators for the EMEA area.

DE Power Ltd are the Emergency Power Specialists within the OHM Group, they are market leaders in the supply, Installation & 24/7 Service of Emergency Diesel & Gas Generators throughout Ireland, operating from their headquarters in Baldonnell, Dublin 22, with service and project divisions in Athlone & Cork.

The OHM Group, established in 1972, is one of Ireland’s leading private companies, and are engaged in the exclusive distribution of internationally recognised global brands.

The OHM Group’s activities include the importation and distribution of motor cars, commercial vehicles, buses, materials handling equipment, generators and engines.

DE Power have a long and successful relationship with Kohler SDMO in Ireland, and have been the exclusive distributers for Kohler SDMO diesel and gas generators since 2003.

Kohler was founded in 1873, is a privately-owned US company, Kohler are a global leader in the manufacturer of both engine and power generation products, with a multi Billion dollar turnover, with over 35,000 employees, with 50 brands across 4 business groups, and 50 manufacturing facilities spread across 17 countries. They are also a principle sponsorship partners of Manchester United.

DE Power Ltd and Kohler SDMO have a dedicated EMEA Data Center Power Solutions division operating out of Ireland, UK, & the EMEA area. The Kohler SDMO Data Center Power Solutions Division, will be the driving force for the sales, installation, project management and delivery of major Data Center standby generator projects within the EMEA area.

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