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16th November 2022


Terry Darling

Sales Manager

Safegard Systems

Stephen Martin

Head of Sales and Marketing,

Safegard Systems

Introduction to the Safegard V5 System . The system communicates with damper interfaces to provide intelligent control and monitoring of motorised dampers and monitoring of manual fire dampers. The data network cabling enables substantial reduction in costs when compared with conventional systems. Digital input/output devices can be accommodated on the network cable or located within the panel enclosure.


Eugene Devlin

Senior Support Engineer

Cummins Ltd

Ampsentry  – the integrated alternator protection system included as standard on all PMG equipped Cummins Generators.

Designed specifically to protect the alternator from the risk of thermal damage in the event of electrical overload, yet specifically designed to provide fault current continuation to allow downstream protection devices to operate.

Ampsentry – helping to protect your investment from damage due to downstream electric faults.


Ed Kavanagh

Technical Development manager

Air Movement Supplies

AMS Air Movement Supplies know the importance of getting a suitable fire duct system for Data Centres and have been involved with testing for over 15 years. We therefore provide a technical support service to all, and provide a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session on the latest EN regulations for your staff.


Andrew McEvitt

Client Manager IT Cooling EMEA

Mitsubishi Electric

The fundamentals of IT Cooling – Introduction to fundamentals of cooling systems for IT Cooling.

An overview of the history, drivers, and trends for cooling systems with the IT/ Data Centre sector.

  • This course seeks to give the participant an understanding of the application of various types of cooling systems within the IT/ Datacentre sector.
  • It looks at the drivers for the sector such as ever-increasing demand from IoT products.
  • It looks at the development of systems over time from early IT cooling for server rooms to modern day hyperscale datacentres.
  • Gives an insight to layouts, design temperatures, free cooling, and future trends.
  • Gives a quick overview of typical systems available within the industry.


Adam Savage

Marketing & Sales Director

Barkers Fencing

Balanced and practical advice to help you to chose the most appropriate perimeter security for your data centre.
In this session, we will help you to understand attacker, discuss the value of tested and certified products & whether you should consider protection from vehicle impact.

17th November 2022


Mohammed Yusuf

Lead Product Integration Engineer

Cummins Ltd

What is meant by the Alternator winding pitch?  What winding pitches are commonly used today?  Are there any differences, and should it influence your generator selection?

Much focus is given to harmonic currents resulting from the different types of load, but harmonic content and waveform distortion is also a factor of the alternator design, specifically the winding pitch used for the stator winding.

This CPD explains winding pitch and looks at the typical waveforms generator with 2/3 and 5/6 pitch alternators.


Reggy Mortier

Sales & Strategy Lead Europe


Our presentation aims to build a correct and thorough understanding of the correct and UKCA (CE) mandated passive fire and smoke security solutions for data centres.

Taking away confusion and misconception with respect to the difference in fire and smoke security.

Describing a CE certified solution in combination with the ever more use of sandwich panels in data centres.

Presenting a state of the art fire and smoke controlling solution.


Barry Nicholson

Engineering Manager & Director

Premium Power

Terrence Pillay

Project Engineer

Premium Power

Model-driven monitoring can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your electrical network and how it functions under different conditions. This allows you to make informed decisions when integrating solutions for design, simulation, analysis, optimization, monitoring, operation, and automation.

Combining a power systems model with power monitoring software gives complete insight into power quality, energy management, electrical safety ( arc flash studies, risk assessments/procedures) , site reliability (protection coordination) and more at your facility.

We will be taking you through a live model showing how a simulation of an electrical system using software models can be used to optimise system design and troubleshoot events.


Anthony O’Brien

Sales Manager, Flooring & Industrial Coatings

Sika Ireland

Sika manufacture and develop a range of quality, seamless, industrial and commercial, resin and concrete flooring products, suitable for various environments, markets and applications.

Each of these markets have specific requirements in terms of traffic and mechanical wear, chemical resistance, temperature, slip resistance, impact resistance, permeability to liquids, fire resistance, rapid curing, etc. Our global industrial flooring expertise is directly linked to our high performance products and customer needs. We have developed systems taking into account design life, operational requirements, construction joints, floor to wall connections, surface design and installation details.

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Aspirating Smoke Detection has been used extensively in specific environments, where early detection has been vital, but with focus changing on how we protect our properties, is there a now a case for more widespread use of this type of technology.

Early detection can mean the difference between identifying a possible fire incident, at the very earliest opportunity, before it becomes a major issue. This early detection has generally been used in areas such as data centres, IT suites and clean environments, but could it be deployed to enhance protection in many other projects where it’s not been considered or maybe not even thought about?

We will look at the technology in general, examine how it works and how it can identify a fire related issue at such an early stage. How could this be used as part of an overall fire design in applications to add increased protection?

Then we will look at the technology in terms of what it looks like now and what new design elements has been incorporated to challenge current thinking.

A reduction in cost, with modular design placing detection where its needed, making installations quicker and less obtrusive.
This is an opportunity to explore the benefits of ASD, re-examine the way it’s used and see how technology has moved on.

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