Speaker Group: Strategy Day 2 Session 4

Dr Inna Vorushylo

Dr Inna Vorushylo is a lecturer in energy markets and energy storage at Ulster University, where she gained a PhD in techno-economic modelling of all Ireland Electricity System. Dr Vorushylo’s expertise straddles fields of engineering and economics and specific applications of these to energy markets. Dr Vorushylo also recently led the UKERC funded women-led project “Zero-in… Read more »

Dominik Franjo Dominkovic

Dominik is a Senior Researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Compute). He received his PhD in 2018 on Modelling the energy supply of future smart cities. He is currently leading the Cool-Data project (https://cool-data.dtu.dk/about-us), which deals with optimising the cooling system of small and medium-size data centres. Dominik focuses on holistic modelling of… Read more »